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Welcome to the Goryanin Brothers portfolio site!

We design individual attributes for the organization, which reflect its distinctive aspects and advantages, and in aggregate form its identity. We develop the name and slogan for the company, create a new brand-design or re-brand the company's outdated visual communication system. Creating or updating the attributes of corporate identity, we get completely immersed in the process of work on the project, and therefore we can find unique solutions for the task. We offer a modern look at corporate identity, because we love what we do. Every time we create a unique, attractive and effective image of the organization, because our projects are not mass-produced. \

Why should a company take care of its image? What is a brand, and what do the attributes of corporate identity mean for it? Brands are mental constructs that can be described as sets of concepts arising in the consumer's imagination in regard to the product when he hears its name or sees the logo. The founder of the world's first brand consultancy Landor Associates, Walter Landor, said: "Products are manufactured in factories, brands are created in the mind." Branding is a multifaceted process, during which the company's mission, positioning, core values, advantages and brand promises take shape. It is the proper brand characteristics that determine whether the target audience will get an impression that the product in front of them is unique and there is no adequate replacement.

The principal individual attribute of businesses is their corporate identity. "Corporate identity" or "style" is a certain system of visual and verbal elements consistent with a single message and the principles of their construction, offering a uniform visual image of the company. However, brand design is more than a mere visual image. Together with the name and slogan, the brand design reflects the essence of the organization, it helps the customers and partners not only to identify the company, but also to obtain information about its important specific features instantly, in a concise and focused manner. A good choice of the corporate image can impress and attract partners or customers and increase the perceived value of the product or service, promoting the benefits of the brand. It is important to understand that the corporate identity will not save a company with poor quality of products and services, or ineffective management.

The corporate identity should be a direct reflection of the realities of the organization, it should not ascribe to the company phony advantages or make promises that it will be unable to fulfill. A successful company always justifies the trust of its customers, thus winning their goodwill and developing brand loyalty. Creating a corporate identity will involve certain costs. However, the payment for the image of the company is not an expenditure, but an investment - a recognizable brand can both increase sales and be a valuable asset of the company.

The work on creating a style for Goryanin Brothers can be an interesting example of the corporate identity being developed. It would seem a paradox, but for a team offering services of corporate style design, developing one's own is not an easy task. We wanted to create unique brand attributes that would reflect our principles and values, at the same time emphasizing the characteristics of the organization.

Creation of visual attributes was certainly preceded by the process of naming. Since the categories of graphic design and branding are dominated by the names reflecting the scope of activities - all kinds of "art" and "design studios", we decided that the best option would be to abandon the traditional categories and find a completely new concept. We tested the developed names and soon found one, suitable in all respects. This was how the name of the two founding brothers, with the accompanying “Brothers” clarification, understood by everyone, became the name of the new company. The name "Goryanin Brothers" makes the brand personalized, it reflects the uniqueness and accentuates the style, the name is original, and surely no one else will ever use it.

The idea of a trade mark with an outline of a mountain peak is in fact an embodiment of the meaning of the Goryanin name. This ancient Russian name has a number of several concurring theories explaining its origin, and the root of the word is associated with mountains. In addition, a mountain, or rather its top, is a strong symbol. The peak is the place where the Earth ends and the sky begins, it is a reflection of a continuous striving for perfection. Man could climb the highest peak of the globe – Mount Everest (Jomolungma) only a short time before the flight into outer space. Adding another element to the mark - the sun, we introduced the image of dawn (or sunrise), so the logo got its own special meaning. Dawn is a magnificent sight and a wonderful time when the light shines on the Earth lighting everything up, and along with the light warmth comes. With the dawn the world awakens after a dark night, a new morning comes, which brings new power, new opportunities and, if you wish, the beginning of a new life. Thus a harmonious combination of the mightiest symbols, the top of the mountain and the rising sun, formed a single image, which became the hallmark of Goryanin Brothers. The sign looks fairly simple, but it has a special mood of its own. The color scheme only enhances the sensations - the bright and warm, energy-rich symbol is not only historical, but also reflects the values and the philosophy of the brand. The lettering, created for the verbal part of the brand block, is a cross between Grotesque and Antiqua, that is why the logo has its own special note.

The slogan "Origin of brands" ("source of brands " or, to be more accurate, "birthplace of brands") complements the concept of the corporate identity and is the message of the company: the history of brands begins at Goryanin Brothers.in Brothers.