Pastéis and coffee

Portuguese coffee house in St. Petersburg Creation of the public image for the coffee house Pastéis and coffee began with a search for national Portuguese motifs. So, as the main theme for the design, we chose Portuguese painted azulejo tiles. Based on these tiles, a complex corporate pattern was created that determined the mood of the Pastéis and coffee corporate design. The pattern has become a fundamental element of identity. The logo developed later matched the overall aesthetics of the design and the mood of the cuisine. Development of packaging was an important part of the work, since packaging is what every visitor of the coffee shop sees. Besides, packaging is perceived as part of the product. Thanks to the original brand pattern, the packaging design differs from the common "coffee house" design. The interior of the cafe was also developed with the use of azulejo tiles. However, it was decided not to standardize all interiors of the chain, but to try to individualize each joint, while organically fitting it into the environment and context.

Pastéis and coffee website:


"Because man is the main thing"

The hospital is a medical institution set up to help people, its patients. Unfortunately, in some cases, the patient sees the hospital as an impersonal machine of the state where the red tape, with enormous amount of paperwork and formalities, leaves an overall negative impression and the doctor's work recedes to the background. The hospital's visual communication system, usually consisting of an emblem or heraldic symbol, Soviet-style blank forms and complex signage, only strengthens the feeling that the patient has found himself in an inhospitable or even hostile environment.

Having started work on the new concept, we began to search for an idea that would be the opposite of the outdated system. We knew that according to the classification, the medical profession refers to "man-to-man" professions, i.e. the patient and the doctor interact directly, the patient speaks openly about his/her health problems, and the doctor prescribes the best course of treatment. Assuming this, it was decided that the visual design should be friendly and understandable. The style should proclaim the main values for the hospital - the doctor and the patient, it should be clear-cut for people of different ages, easy to integrate into systems that will help the patients, such as signage, forms, mobile and web applications. So, the underlying premise of the renewed brand platform was an idea that the main value in a health care institution is man. In the process of work, the copywriter of Goryanin Brothers coined a phrase that later became the slogan of the institution: "Because man is the main thing". Another motto, "Everyone’s life is important", was proposed by the head doctor. Both phrases were a concise description of the brand essence. The trademark of the hospital is a conventional silhouette of a man, meaning both a doctor and a patient, and a small icon in the shape of a Red Cross that immediately suggests a medical institution.

The corporate pattern using simple symbols is quite different in style from the patterns commonly used in government agencies. The entire visual concept, perhaps, can be described in two words, "simple" and "welcoming". This design rather resembles a modern European private clinic, which is definitely a plus for the Leningrad Regional Hospital. It is worth noting that the successful implementation of this bold concept for the state institution became possible thanks to the progressive vision of the head doctor.


Greenday is an international environmental festival held at the St. Petersburg Peter the Great Polytechnic University. The graphic design of the event was created with account taken of the corporate identity of the Polytechnic University. The identifiers of the festival, in essence, differ from the logos of organizations, being used in different timeframes with specific communication objectives. The Greenday logo is an inscription in black and a green stripe, symbolizing the environmental friendliness and being a key element of identity. The stripe is used in the promotional materials, it flows through them, as if joining them by the same idea. Using this visual gimmick makes it easy to highlight graphically any media, without using the event logo. On the one hand, this allows to create a single visual image, while on the other hand it matches the design of the Polytechnic materials in style.

Maternity hospital 10

A 10- point child delivery.

Any brand is primarily a name. You might not have expected to hear this opinion from the experts in design, but it is true - in theory the organization may not have a logo, but the name will always be there. Brand names may be different, for example, acronyms (IBM, BMW), component (Microsoft, Gazprom), descriptive (Martha Stewart Flowers) and even fictional (Kodak, Yahoo!). As for the names of public institutions, medical, for instance, here the situation will be different from that with commercial structures. Previously, the "Toksovo District Hospital" were GB customers - the name informs of the location (Toksovo is the name of the village in the Leningrad region), the "Leningrad Regional Hospital" - the name tells us about the administrative organization, and after all that we started working on the corporate identity for "Maternity Hospital 10".

Even at the planning stage, it became clear that # 10 is the sole identifier of the institution, because the name "maternity hospital", informs only about the profile of the institution. In the process of work on the visual concept the brand designer of Goryanin Brothers picked number 10 out of the name of the organization, turning it into an interesting metaphor.

Firstly, the designer drew the number 10 using the simplest of all possible scripts, and then began working on the stylized 0. As a result of the search for the desired shape the symbol emerged, gently hinting at the pregnancy. Because of the common abbreviated name for the facility, we were able to use letters meaning "maternity hospital" under the symbol. Interestingly, the inscription can be viewed both as a logo (i.e. the name of the organization) and a strapline (i.e. the caption disclosing the sphere where the brand functions). At the same time, the inscription is functional - it highlights the scope of the brand activities, making the trade mark unique.

Selection of a color scheme and the further development of the organization’s identity were focused on building a warm and restful image, reminding of a cozy European hotel rather than, for example, the dentist's office painted in cool tones.

Judo Federation of the North-West Federal District

Judo is a martial art revered worldwide. In this country, judo is also very popular, even President Vladimir Putin goes in for judo. Therefore, when the management of the Judo Federation of the Northwest federal district approached us with a request to update the visual component of the corporate identity, we immediately started to work on new symbols for the federation.

First of all, we defined the basic criteria to be met by the symbol under development. In the first place, judo is not only a sport but also a martial art. Judo is distinguished by a number of permitted technical and tactical moves, it has a significant philosophical component and is based on certain principles. The symbols of the Judo Federation must not resemble the emblems of boxing association or organizations, related, for instance, to “no holds barred” fighting. The sign should, to a greater extent, symbolize not physical strength, but spiritual power, not an uplifting emotion, but self-control, not the adrenaline rush, but the discipline of judo. Secondly, Judo is of Japanese origin, which means that the symbolism must meet certain stylistic criteria.

The trade sign we made presents stylized figures of two athletes. The image of judo fighters contains a symbolic meaning: in spite of the fact that one of the figures is upside down, they are exactly the same - this demonstrates equality and respect of the rivals towards each other. Furthermore, an inverted sign is no different from the original. It is interesting that the mirror character of the sign makes it possible to create animations with the figures, like a throw in fighting.

At first glance, the two-dimensional sign may seem restrained and static, but on closer reading, you will find that it contains the energies of a throw and it will probably be perceived as dashing. The sign, as if drawn in one line, comprises the imagery, philosophy and aesthetics of judo. Made in GB manner, traditional in character but modern in execution, it can be successfully used both in paperwork and in sports paraphernalia, as well as in digital media and souvenir production. In developing the identifier the condition as set by the customer was observed – a contour of 10 petals was incorporated in the sign, to mean 10 entities belonging to the association.

VSK Building

Previously, we created corporate identity for the VSK Medical. Now the VSK Group is expanding - VSK Building will build various medical facilities. In the course of project planning, it was decided that the visual style of the VSK Building must be conceptually linked to the VSK Medical style. That is why we left the design of the logo intact, but chose another company color, blue. Of course, a part of the name lettering also changed, but the overall style of the logo was saved.

The decision to keep the overall concept was dictated not only by the desire to link VSK Medical and VSK Building -the concept of visual communication development takes into account the fact that with the expansion of the VSK Group there may appear new divisions. The style of VSK BUILDING, like the style of VSK Medical, looks both simple and elegant, good looking and modern. The corporate style of VSK Medical company The style of VSK BUILDING, like that of VSK Medical, looks both simple and elegant, good looking and modern. In addition, it will be simply impossible to confuse the paperwork of one company with that of the other because two opposite colors are used, red and blue.

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Monkey Town

The Monkey Town is a small park at the Institute of Primatology located in the southernmost point of Russia, in subtropical climate in the city of Adler. The visitors can take both educational and exciting tours. Various species of monkeys can be seen in the town, and an adventure park with a ropes course will be soon set up.

The concept formulated by GoryaninBrothers meant that the MonkeyTown brand should display a radically different visual approach from that of the "Research Institute of Medical Primatology", since the nature and purpose of the Monkey Town differ from those of the research complex. The sign was supposed to be informal, positive and perhaps even playful.

The trade mark designed for MonkeyTown is understood by the audience, but at the same time it is perceived in different ways: either a shy, or an artful and mischievous monkey, looking out from behind a planet (the planet is a reference to the space flight of the monkeys of the Institute), making the character playful and sophisticated at the same time.

The conceptual solution uses a variable element for the trade mark - the texture of the planet. The possibility to use different textures and images in the trade mark opens up interesting prospects for its further development and use in the system of visual communication. Thanks to an interesting gimmick, the trade mark, usually being only the basis for corporate identity becomes a concept-forming element, and a large number of specially chosen textures makes it possible to "tune" the sign for different usage contexts.


We started the concept of corporate identity for this small law firm with naming. When the name has not yet been invented, the search area for the required concept expands significantly. On the one hand, it gives free reign to creative thinking, on the other – it complicates the work, since there are no conceptual guidelines. A short but meaningful, and, most importantly, brandable name proposed by GoryaninBrothers was JUS360 (“Jus” meaning law in Latin; 360 degrees) telling that the company is focused on the full range of legal issues. Thanks to the originality of the name and nature of the corporate style, the designers could use only a small symbol - the degree symbol stylized as a shield – to mean full legal protection. A monochrome logo is used as the principal brand identifier.

Thanks to the originality of the name and nature of the corporate style, the designers could use only a small symbol - the degree symbol stylized as a shield – to mean full legal protection. Even simple geometric shapes can connote symbols and metaphors. The black-and-white color scheme turned out to be the brand designer’s key gimmick used to convey the main message of the company. Thus, the maximum degree of contrast between two opposite colors echoes the company’s message: "sometimes the world splits into black and white". After all, there should be no halftones in matters of justice.

From the corporate identity standpoint, the concept offered to this law firm is one of the strongest projects by Goryanin Brothers.

JUS360 site:


The new sushi chain Usushi is not only good food and excellent service. This place will combine the advantages of a fast food and a traditional restaurant - modern technologies increase the service rate for the patrons, and careful observance of the traditions of sushi making guarantee the original taste of food.

To order home-delivery service, or to ask to cook dinner by the time of your arrival, to compile menus of your own on your personal account, to comment on new items on the menu or seasonal offers will be possible via the website or a mobile application. Such benefits are appreciated by the target audience of the chain - young families who want to enjoy Japanese cuisine as often as they would like. For them, the concept of "Usability" means not only the user-friendly smartphone interface, but also convenient use of the services provided by Usushi.

“U” may also be interpreted as "you, your", and at that the name still sounds and looks very neat and singular in nature The sign of the restaurant Usushi is a brand created by GoryaninBrothers from scratch. Going through hell with naming (everyone knows that there are lots and lots of sushi restaurants in the world) we at GoryaninBrothers worked on several different concepts and eventually came up with a brand of a single letter. “U” - can be interpreted as "your", and at that the name still sounds and looks very neat and singular in nature, and, most importantly, highlights the place from among many others, without being misleading.


The Omega company has operated in the market of medical equipment and consumable supplies since 2008. What is the concept of the corporate identity of this organization, and what specific features of the company does it describe? “Omega: tomorrow comes today” - this rather paradoxical slogan proposed by GB, is a concept-forming element of the brand and, at the same time, an important message of the company: technologies which the competition will have only tomorrow, Omega is offering today. In this context, the name of the organization acquires a new meaning: Omega is not the last one in the order of priority but the latest available version now, the newest and most high-tech product.

The visual identification system is a reflection of brand ideas and conveys its essence, that is why we designed corporate identity distinguished by a clear-cut, simple and clean European style. The modern style trademark represents a stylized portrayal of a tree symbolizing life, as the Greek letter Omega. The lettering perfectly matches the trademark, looking technological, and can be used as an independent visual element.

The lettering perfectly matches the trademark, looking technological, and can be used as an independent visual element. The choice of the color scheme for the style plays an important role: the chosen colors are traditional not so much for companies working in medicine, as for the brands involved with high technologies.

Omega site: омегамед.рф


Designing an online store for the young people Yourbackpack we primarily aimed to make the interface of the site user-friendly and convenient. Following the latest trends towards visual simplification of interfaces, we have designed a website using two contrasting colors. The main color is intermediate between amber and choice yellow - the colors that radiate warmth, joy, energy and activity (remember the famous smiley).

The additional color can be described as the color of dark asphalt, which in this case is not cold and goes well with the main yellow.

Use of simple geometric shapes in the site layout and hierarchical numbering of pages allows the visitors to navigate easily in the resource. The combination of a capital letter “Y” and a lower-case “b” inscribed in an irregular hexagon forms the trademark. The trademark can be interpreted as a V-sign shown by the gesture of the left hand (“victory hand”) popular among the young people and meaning victory or peace. This association is a message to the target audience and highlights the website among multiple online stores.


Infinite Guitar

Guitar ... Arguably the world’s most popular musical instrument. Frankly, the guitar cannot be called a mere musical instrument - today it is something much bigger. The guitar gained popularity in mass culture, it has become a symbol of such musical styles as blues, country, flamenco, rock music, gaining a lot of fans around the world.

The potential of guitar playing is boundless, experiments with the instrument in search of a new sound do not stop. That is why the founder of a new private guitar school has chosen the name Infinite Guitar, and the visual style “Infinite Guitar” created by Goryanin Brothers is as colorful, full of energy and irresistible as the electric guitar of a black bluesman, playing improvised music in front of the cheering audience. The “Infinite Guitar” visual style is as colorful, full of energy and irresistible as the electric guitar of a black bluesman, playing improvised music in front of the cheering audience.


Choosing the name of the organization should be approached very seriously - the name is a cornerstone in brand identification, affecting other identity attributes. That is why, beginning to develop a corporate design for Cardiobalt, we immediately noted that the company has chosen a lucky name. The name not only sounded good, but also reflected the essence of the operation, which was distribution of medical products for cardiology and other branches of medicine. Moreover, the name was not too long or too short, and therefore easy to grasp.

The name being a definite advantage, we have come up with several brand design concepts, using the verbal trademark as the main visual identifier. We have developed other concepts, too, where the trademark was to be used along with the brand name, but after a discussion with the customer we decided to abandon the trademark - the logo looked great enough and there was simply no need to complement it with another visual element.

The designed color system involved the use of two colors – the red color as the main one, and additional orange to represent other aspects of the business. To develop a good trademark lettering and build a brand design on it is not an easy task, and a real aptitude test for a designer. In the case of Cardiobalt the task was accomplished in full. As a result, a friendly, modern, colorful and at the same time reserved, easy-to-remember image was designed, perfectly fitting for the company.


Designer hats, veils, brooches and accessories from Natel not only highlights the best features and emphasizes the feminine beauty. Products from Natel are created for those looking for something special for themselves and their near and dear ones. Each piece is handmade, and this makes it exclusive. You can choose an available model or to fulfill your wishes placing an order. In any case, you will discover something special.

The sign is the stylized capital N with a crown. The proper concept of corporate identity is a concept that reflects the essence of the brand conveying its promise. We have created three versions of the new brand image different in the concepts, and the customer liked one of them so much that accepted it at once. Simple but elegant lettering of Natel perfectly matches the trademark consisting of a stylized capital N with a crown. The color scheme emphasizes the elegance of the visual brand attributes. The design for Natel turned out to be European, simple and clean, modern and, of course, very stylish, and the slogan “something special”, proposed by Goryanin Brothers, expressed the main feature of the new brand verbally.


How are masterpieces of furniture-making born? How are the age-old traditions of past masters and modern times combined? How to give a new lease on life to the furniture that has lost its former splendor over time? How to create an exclusive design that will not only bring comfort and luxury to your home, but will also pass the inimitable atmosphere on to your descendants over the decades, or even centuries? Answers to these questions are known to the masters of INTERI – the company engaged in the manufacture of luxury handmade furniture in St. Petersburg.

Just like the furniture from INTERI, the visual language chosen by the designers for this company is a combination of immortal classics and modern trends. The graphic representation of a carved table, replacing the letter T in the name may serve as an identification mark of the brand. And the inscription “HANDMADE” emphasizes the main advantage of the brand – the furniture from INTERI is made by hand.

Prostranstvo variantov

Prostranstvo Variantov (“Space of Options”) is a unique studio creating interior and furniture designs, as well as custom-made accessories in a variety of styles. Talented craftsmen of the studios know how to highlight the benefits of a room, how to create a comfortable living or a public space for everyday use, how to bring a breath of fresh air into the interior design, thus increasing the market value of the property. Brand designers Goryanin Brothers managed to create a symbol that is not linked to the changing design trends, which means that it will exist beyond time. In addition, the brand identifier matches different styles of interior design equally well. In a classical context the symbol is viewed as something time-honored, primordial, like the symbols of ancient civilizations, while the hi-tech interior gives a completely different twist to the corporate trademark. The interior of the research building of the Polytechnic University designed by "Prostranstvo Variantov" In a classical context the symbol is viewed as something time-honored, primordial, like the symbols of ancient civilizations, while the hi-tech interior gives a completely different twist to the corporate trademark. The studio is actively using its website designed by Goryanin Brothers.

One of the features of the site is its ability to adapt to the user - whether he has a widescreen monitor or the vertically oriented screen of a smartphone, the site will rotate the picture so that it were convenient for the visitor to look through the photos of completed projects.

Prostranstvo variantov site: